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Total’s priority in Egypt is to help disadvantaged children in Cairo. The Group has joined forces with three NGOs: FACE For Children in Need which works to reintegrate street children into society, Samusocial International Égypte (SSIEG) which deploys mobile teams to deliver aid directly to the most needy, and the Torah Center, an educational center founded by Sister Emmanuelle. The goal of this partnership is to help to reintegrate young people into society and to reduce the number of children living on the streets. This financial support embodies Total’s commitment to combat extreme poverty and ensure that the rights of marginalized children and young people are respected in Egypt.







Ambitious targets
The partnership, which covers 2013, will involve the deployment of three street education teams to provide medical, psychological and social services to children. A total of 300 of Cairo’s children will receive support each month, with 100 street children receiving medical care at least once a month. Four training sessions and/or workshops will also be organized, to provide an opportunity for workers from FACE For Children in Need and Samusocial to share their experiences. Total will also publish and print 1, 200 text books for young people at the Torah Center.