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Other initiatives

Total attaches great value to understanding the environment in which it operates. This is why the Group implements various initiatives in Africa taking into account the scope of local contexts, and sometimes for a given period. This may result in boosting local industry, improving access to energy or giving better health conditions.

The Portraits



Algeria - Cancer screening in remote areas of algeria

Ana, femme angolaise

Angola - A bright future ahead for entrepreneurial women in Angola

Liberia - Helping the Red Cross to contain Ebola

South Africa - In Soweto, physical activity enhancing learning and health

Kenya - Patnership to bring solar energy to the last mile

Kenya - Moving ahead with local businesses

Kenya - Dialogue serving a common interest

Total Sonia Barbaria, responsable communication du projet “souk at-tanmia”

Tunisia - Driving growth and social regeneration

Total Abel Legendre, president de l’association « pour que vive Maroala »

Madagascar - A traveling health service

Ruben Costa-directeur production, reservoir et operations de sonangol 

Angola - Supporting local development in Angola

Total Jacob Giloh-revendeur independant 

Kenya - Democratizing access to solar energy

Total Beatrice Isabelle Sane-directrice adjointe de l’ecole abdou diasse

Senegal - Pupils equipped to act against malaria

Total Augustin Mouinga, researcher

Gabon - Gabonese research achieves excellence

The News

NIGER - Construction of a maternity hospital in Liboré

SOUTH SUDAN - Support for victims of conflict

Fighting against mother-infant transmission of HIV/AIDS