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Nigeria - From young pump attendant to entrepreneur

Youth Inclusion and Education - Committed to empowering socially at-risk young people



Total Adamou Younoussa, gérant de la station-service total Wadata


Adamou Younoussa's path. He will soon celebrate 20 years at Total in Niger, where he started as a trainee pump attendant, and benefited from the "young dealer" program to develop his career.

Back in 1993, as an intern at the Total Liberté service station, I already knew I wanted to grow professionally. At that time, my manager had been through the “young dealer” program set up by Total. I witnessed his career change, and that made me want to give it a try. The Total inspectors in Niger quickly noticed I was motivated and offered me the opportunity to join the program, and manage my own station. I accepted without hesitation.

A stimulating training

Since I really wanted to develop my professional career, I gave myself the means to succeed by faithfully following the training programs on quality, safety, service, and so on. The content of the sessions, held at headquarters in Niamey, was very interesting and reflected the realities of being a manager. I was trained in the use of all the management and quality control tools that are now part of my daily routine. At the same time, I increased my experience as I rose through the ranks. This is how, from my intern position, I became a team coordinator, then an assistant dealer, and a station manager. In 2000, I became the dealer of the Total Maradi Gare Routière service station, located in the provinces. Now, I am in charge of the Total Wadata service station which has 19 employees.


Total Adamou Younoussa-gerant de la station-service total Wadata 
The young dealer program enabled me to grow both professionally and socially.

Adamou Younoussa Total Wadata service station's dealer

On the road to independence

To support my work, Total gave me a loan that enabled me to operate my station. Unlike a bank, they didn't ask me for a deposit, and I can pay it back at my own pace. My loan will be reimbursed in a few years, and then I'll be completely independent. I know that my story is inspiring to my team members. Some employees are considering applying to the “young dealer” program. My advice? Go for it!


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