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Total in Africa

Our activities in Africa

As the first integrated oil and gas company in Africa, Total has a duty to play a role in the continent’s sustainable energy future. We are pursuing ambitious exploration campaigns through new projects and making every effort to increase oil field reserves already in production. To achieve our environmental commitments, we are multiplying initiatives to improve energy efficiency by promoting new energies and discontinuing gas flaring at our facilities. Our priorities for discovering and developing Africa’s potential include innovation aimed at mobilizing new energy resources and passing on our know-how to the next generation.

The Group is also the leading distributor of oil products (fuels, lubricants, bitumen, LPG, etc.) on the continent. Thanks to its historic roots, the excellence of its products and services and its some 4,500 service stations in 40 countries, Total is seen as the benchmark local energy group by both individuals and trade customers. Our goal is to ensure that as many people as possible have access to energy, which also means developing complementary, less expensive energy sources such as solar, particularly through the marketing of solar powered equipment.

We listen to our partners and act with them to encourage economic development, employment, education and health.